Design -
Whether you need a small  "welcome" garden or an entire backyard makeover,
Greencliff can provide a comprehensive plan to suit your needs, your desires and
your specific site. Design influences pull heavily from Japanese and Asian themes
as well as our Pacific Northwest flora.

If you have a color theme you'd like to implement, want a water-wise or low
maintenance garden or want to make your vegetable garden more ornamental
Greencliff can help you realize your goal.

Consultation -
If you want to do the majority of the work but would like an educated opinion on
plant materials to use, potential water usage, traffic flow or even curb appeal,
Greencliff can help you! I can also teach you the right way to plant (yes, there is a
wrong way), how to prune, plant spacing and other garden mysteries.

Installation -
Incorrect planting is the number one killer of trees and plants in residential
gardens! Greencliff can ensure that your plants and trees are planted the
way. Additional concerns are spacing, compatible water use, sun exposure, and
other cultural variables that have a direct impact on the success of your landscape.

Pruning -
Selective pruning of your specimen trees is a specialty of Greencliff Landscape
Co.! Hours of training and years of experience provide a solid knowledge of the
right way to prune your "focal point" trees. Mature specimen trees can add
thousands of dollars to your home's appraised value and are worth thousands of
dollars in actual dollar value. Let me reveal the beauty of your tree and enhance
your garden. The Evergreen Arboretum trusts me to prune their Japanese maple
collection - you can rest assured I know what I'm doing.