Greencliff Home
Greencliff Landscape Company was started in 2008 by me, Crane A. Stavig,
after a lifelong interest in plants, gardening and design.

About Me
The youngest son of two artistic parents, I was taught from an early age to
appreciate form, texture, line, design and other aesthetic components of the
world around me. I often helped my father - a painter, sculptor and plant
enthusiast - hang the art shows at the Anacortes Art Gallery. My father instilled
an appreciation of design and architecture.

Some of my earliest jobs included gardening at the family's rental property and at
Anacortes residences. At the same time, my family owned 10 acres of rugged
waterfront land on the West side of Fidalgo Island in the San Juan archipelago.  

The Story Behind the Name "Greencliff"
My mother, a textile artist and avid Anglophile, named the family property
"Greencliff", inspired by estate names from the British Isles.

My family spent thousands of hours at Greencliff clearing a homesite for the
family home my father was designing. I spent hours clearing trails for exploration
and generally immersed in the unspoiled setting. This exposure to Northwest
native plants in their natural setting instilled a respect for the notion of "right
plant, right place" and an appreciation for the form and beauty of native plants.

My family visited botanical gardens throughout the northwest during family
vacations, exposing me to professionally designed environments. I still love to
revisit these gardens from my youth to see how they - and I - have changed.

Ongoing Interest
My interest in plants continued into adulthood. I've  attended the NW Flower and
Garden Show every year since its inception seeking out new plants, design ideas
and meeting new vendors. I've also traveled to arboretums, botanical gardens
and nurseries in Croatia, Italy,
Turkey, Phoenix, Florida, Vancouver, B.C.,
Portland, Wenatchee, Pasadena and elsewhere.

I've taken many hours of classes at the highly regarded Horticulture program at
Edmonds Community College and I'm a member of the Northwest Horticulture

Propagation is also an interest and I maintain a small-scale nursery specializing
in hostas and Japanese maples, many of which I've raised from seed.

In addition to growing my business and growing my daughter, I volunteer at the
Evergreen Arboretum & Gardens in Everett, WA where I serve as "Garden
Champion" of the Japanese Maple Collection.